8 Ways to Get Leafy Greens in Your Diet

Leafy greens are super healthy and good for you. You might cringe at the thought of eating spinach or kale but if you start incorporating greens into your diet you’ll start to crave it!

Here are 8 ways to get leafy greens in your diet…

1. Salad

Make a delicious green salad. Try to eat salad daily, at the start of your meal or make it your entire meal.

2. Smoothies

I love adding spinach, kale and other greens into my smoothies. You hardly taste it and you get all the green goodness into your system easily and in a tasty way.

3. Juicing

Yes, you can juice your greens. My favorite green juice recipe contains:

  • Big handful of kale
  • Big handful of baby spinach
  • Half an apple
  • 2 celery stalks
  • Inch piece of ginger
  • 2 carrots

This is a super flavorful juice that will make you just feel healthier (and it’s healthy for you too).

4. Baked Goods

To trick my 7-year old into eating his greens, I bake spinach and other greens and veggies into brownies, cookies, breakfast breads, sometimes pancakes, etc.

5. Sauteed

I love sauteeing greens on the skillet with garlic. Nothing else, just garlic. If you’re not a garlic lover like me, try other salt-free seasonings. Half the time I eat in plain, to be honest. I love the taste of spinach so much.

6. Pastas

Any time we make alfredo or spaghetii or any other pasta dish, we throw in frozen or fresh kale or spinach to get our dose of greens in.

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7. Sauces

Like smoothies, sauces are great for blending up greens in. We commonly make homemade veggie only sauces that are delicious and greens would be a great addition to it.

Most often I blend chopped carrot, red pepper, and onion until it’s thick and creamy in my bullet. Then I throw in some spinach and cook it on the skillet with seasonings. No filler, no flour, all veggies and it’s a delicious, hearty sauce.

8. Stir-Frys

Stir fry dishes are a favorite for my family. Take chopped veggies and sautee in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Toss in your protein, if any along with greens and you’ve got a hearty, delicious meal.

Final Word

What ways do you like to incorporate greens into your diet? Comment below.