Looking for ways to trim down? Cut the sugar from your diet. My sister lost 20 pounds in one month doing this. Here are 8 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your DietAre you having a hard time shedding weight? It might be because of your sugar consumption. Sugar is a big culprit in failing diets today. If you cut sugar alone, making no other changes, you can likely expect to see some weight loss. My sister did just that and lost about 20 pounds in a month! Check out these easy effective ways to cut sugar from your diet!

1. Stop Buying Processed Foods

Stay away from processed foods. They are not good for you and home cooking tastes so much better anyway. You probably don’t know all the hidden sugars in processed foods. They are there and can potentially wreak havoc on your health. Eat whole foods, stay away from fast food and processed foods.

So the next time you do your grocery run, avoid these products and opt for whole foods.

2. Go for the Good Sweeteners

Sweeteners should be avoided but, if you gotta do a sweetener, make sure it’s a natural one like raw honey, dates, or coconut sugar, to name a few. These sugar alternatives taste good and are a great alternative.

3. Pay Attention to the Labels

Look at food labels. When you grocery shop, check out the labels. You are looking for processed sugars and sugar. Read the ingredient list and soon after, this will become habit and not feel like a chore, while helping you keep the sugar low in your diet.

4. Whole Foods All The Way

Eat whole foods. These are unprocessed foods in their whole forms like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. No processed foods at all. Your body will thank you.

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5. Learn Where Sugar Lurks

Sugar is sneaky. It can hide in many ways and under many names like fructose, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose and more. Yes, sugar alternatives like Splenda, are still sugar and you wanna keep those away too. Educate yourself so you can better identify sugar in all its forms.

If several sugars appear on the label, it’s an indication that the food is less healthy than you may think.

6. Make Treats Off Limits at Home

An easy way to lower the amount of sugar you consume is to avoid keeping treats in your home. Cookies, snack cakes, candy, none of this should be in your cupboard or pantry. An occasional treat every now and then can be enjoyed but those treats should not be in your house. Keep them away!

If they’re within your sight, chances are you’ll forget your no sugar diet. So get rid of them and stockpile your pantry with healthy food.

7. Say No to Soda

Sodas are awful, plain and simple. Whether you call it soda, pop, a coke, it’s all the same, and full of chemicals and sugar, leading to weight gain.

What can you drink other than soda?

When we made the switch several years ago, we went for juice instead. 100% juice is an alternative to soda. Why not juice, too? You can get really creative and whip up some delicious juices in your kitchen. Some other beverage alternatives: water or green tea.

8. Indulge in Dark Chocolate

8 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet

Chocolate is a real favorite for many. Did you know that chocolate can actually be good for you? And, the darkest varieties are lower in sugar.

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They make a great appetite suppressant and a yummy after dinner dessert, lower in sugar than their milk chocolate or white chocolate counterparts. If you love chocolate, opt for dark chocolate for a yummy sweet treat.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to shed some pounds or just want to be healthy, these nine ideas will help you cut your sugar intake and can even inspire you to live a healthy life. Substitute them for your sweet cravings, add to your diet plan, and start seeing results. Let me know what you think.

Now if you have any other tips to cut sugar intake, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them.

8 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet 8 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet