Want to feel better, look better and have a happier, healthy life? It starts with the small stuff. These small, tiny changes that have a big impact. Take a look at these 7 small health changes for a healthy, happy life!

7 Teeny Changes for a Happier Healthy Life

1. Drink More Water

You have probably heard this one a lot. Water hydrates you. It fuels your body and it’s so good.

I never thought I would love water as much as I do.

It can help you lose weight too. Try half your weight in ounces, to start, and then increase, as you’d like.

2. Exercise 3-5X Weekly

Exercise and do it often. Get your body moving. Here are some ideas:

  • Take an evening walk in the neighborhood
  • Do housework or chores
  • Wash your car by hand
  • Join your community gym
  • Do a home workout with YouTube videos

3. Sleep More

Big one! More sleep is great. Aim for 8 hours/night.

It can be hard.

For the longest, I’d only do around 5 hours a night.

Go to bed earlier.

Stop drinking caffeine (this includes tea) at least 3 hours before bed.

Take a hot shower or bath in the evening.

Quiet your mind and turn off electronics.

4. Cut Out Coffee

Coffee is my vice, I have to admit.

It tastes good. It warms you. It’s bold and full-bodied.

Half the time I am hungry, I actually grab coffee.

Wrong move.

Try to sub out hot tea for coffee.

For me, tea fulfills that need that coffee once did.

Green tea is awesome but other varieties like black tea, red tea, and white tea are also tasty and full of nutrients. Experiment and try different varieties.

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5. Eat Organic

Organic foods, yes! Opt for organic cuts of meat, stay away from the dirty dozen, and try other organic foods.

6. Do Fun Stuff

It’s about work life balance. Don’t be a workaholic.

Take a break. Enjoy your family and friends.

7. Self Care

This is huge.

You gotta take care of yourself.

Get a pedicure. Take a long, luxurious bath. Treat yourself to a delicious glass of wine.

Take time for yourself.